2015 events

2015 Events


Seminar “The developmental assembly of cortical circuits” (FSER)

Seminar “Physiology and Pathology” (FSER)


Seminar “Catharsis nowadays”

Residential Study: Objects by numbers

Seminar “The mechanisms of evolutionary changes and adaptation” (FSER)


Seminar “Mitochondrial Quality Control and Neurodegenerative Diseases” (FSER)

Seminar “Moving from molecular and cellular characterization towards application in health”


Seminar « Quantum antinomies and Reality”

Residential Study: The state of emergency and uncertainties of democracy

Seminar “The role of metabolism in ageing and ageing-related disease”

Residential Study: Electrostatics of biological and soft matter

Seminar “Subjective confidence: Psychology, physiology, theory”


Residential Study: The Road Back to Nature: Joyce on the Wild Atlantic Way

Seminar “International Seminar on Care Studies. Imagination, Moral Relations and Care Ethic”

Residential Study: Typological and diachronic evolution of a Sinitic language (Southern min) from the 16th century to the 20th century

August / September

Seminar “Membrane fission: Understanding the mechanism of action of dynamin”

Residential Study: Constellations of Symbolism. Humanities and Arts

Seminar “The dispute: a way for an epistemological community”

Seminar “Cell- and tissue communications in organogenesis: cutting edge approaches” (FSER)

Residential Study: Cosmic catastrophes


Residential Study: Medieval minorities: law and interdenominational societies in the Middle Ages (20 people) – Postponed

Residential Study: Access to genetic resources and sharing the fruits of innovation. The Nagoya Seminar “Protocol under the prism of equity”.

Seminar “Climate Change with a focus on Iran”


Prize and Residencies Laureates

Centre André Gide-Jean Schlumberger :
Martina Della Casa (Lauréate de la Fondation Catherine Gide), Yves Guignard.

Author residency
Patrick Autréaux, Marc Pautrel, Mamadou Ly

Photographer residency
Anaïs Boudot, Ircham Gardaf, Evangelia Kranioti



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