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2014 Events

Residential study “Interdisciplinary study about migration of medieval population in Europe”

Residential study¬†“Public slaves in ancient Greek cities (8th – 1st centuries BC)

Seminar “Subsistence strategies and lifestyle of the Acheulean hunters from the site of Terra Amata. Comparison with the Acheulean cultures of the Italian Peninsula”

Seminar “Bridging dimensions- Imaging infection from the¬†nanoscale to the whole body”

Seminar “Rethinking Medieval European Literature”

Residential study “The Vostok ice core, a scientific and human epic”

Seminar “Schlumberger, Copeau, Gide: the art of staging”

Seminar “Politics, ¬† Affectivity, ¬† Intimacy . ¬† Part ¬† II. ¬†Identities ¬† and ¬† Modes ¬† of¬†Temporality”

Seminar “About Otherness”

Seminar “Business Cycles and Economic Growth”

Seminar “Overcoming Therapeutic Resistance to Defeat Cancer” (FSER)

Residential study “Introduction to lasers and quantum optics”

Seminar “Algebraic Topology, as seen by Poincar√©”

Seminar “Revisiting the role of phenotypic plasticity in the evolution using Caenorhabditis¬†nematodes as model organisms” (FSER)

Seminar “Which value(s) for biodiversity ?”

Seminar “Sediment ¬† Cycling ¬† on ¬†Mars : ¬† development ¬† and ¬† preservation ¬† of ¬† past habitable environments”

Residential study “Swiss Balcony Project”

Seminar “Mechanisms and regulatory circuits mediating¬†chromosome segregation in meiosis and mitosis”

Seminar “Stem cells during development, homeostasis and diseases” (FSER)

Seminar “A ¬† divided ¬† city? ¬† Rethinking ¬† borders, ¬† settlements ¬† and¬†inter¬≠communal interactions in metropolitan Jerusalem”

Prize and Residencies Laureates

Author residency
Patrice Nganang, Olivier Bessard-Banquy

Photographer residency
Claire Chevrier, Patrizia Di Fiore, Mark Lyon



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