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2016 events


Seminar “Constructions in marine environment”

FSER laureates 2016 meeting

Seminar “Clouds at the Turning of Eras, from the last years of the Enlightenment through the twilight of Romanticism”

Residential Study: two grandfathers (a Jew and a nazi)

Seminar “Integrative physiology: nutrition, metabolism and microbiota” (FSER)


Seminar “LUCA, its contemporaries and their viruses: 20 years after

Seminar “Plasticity of cellular identity” (FSER)

Residential Study: Contemporary violence in Katanga (DRC)


Seminar “Causes and consequences of aneuploidy”

Residential Study: Towards a Genetic edition of Mohammed Dib’s opus

Seminar “Women who bore a name. Gender marks in Greek Antiquity (VIIIe IVe BCE)”

Residential Study: A Political History of the Vienna Opera 1869 – 1955


Seminar “From individual variation to the genetic basis of environmental sensitivity”

Residential Study: A study of religious life in a phenomenological perspective, with reference to Christian and post-Christian forms of spirituality

Seminar “Post-modernism or peculiarity? Philippe Boesmans”

August / September

Seminar “Mankind and warefare”

Residential Study: The usefulness of the study of the Middle Ages (and the distant past in general) for living well in the present

Seminar “Politics, Affectivity, Intimacy 3. – Commitments, ideologies and beliefs”

Seminar “Animal models of hematological malignancies”


Seminar “Towards a sensory passport” (FSER)

Residential Study: Electrostatics of biological and soft matter

Seminar “Tacking stock of contemporary photography”


Seminar “Master class of music”

Seminar “Digital Palaeography: from technical to epistemological challenge”


Prize and Residencies Laureates

Centre André Gide-Jean Schlumberger :
The selection is underway

Author residency
Kettly Mars, Catherine Mary, Niels Trede

Photographer residency
The selection is underway

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